What are Nootropics?

A review and analysis of the best nootropics.

So what exactly are these so called "Nootropics"? The definition broadly speaking is any kind of neuro-enhancing supplement (aka "smart drug") that has an extremely low occurrence rate of side effects.

The exact definition of what makes a given supplement a nootropic is actually very loose. The original explanation originates from V. Skondia and S. Giurgea who created the very first supplement of this kind in 1963.

They created the classification of "Nootropics" to refer to cognitive enhancing chemicals with extremely low toxicity that can be used long term. This highlights that Piracetam and other Nootropics  like Noopept have the ability to improve overall cognitive functions without any of the negative aspects  associated with brain stimulants like those used in ADD.

Piracetam is probably one of the most well known. and it is a component of the racetam family along with Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Coluracetam and many more. These are synthetic compounds that were created in the lab, but there are also plenty of effective natural nootropic supplements. The most effective choice in my opinion tends to be a stack that combines the best of both worlds (natural and synthetic) like lumonol. this way you can achieve a synergy  and after my extensive lumonol review I think that it's an intelligent combination, given that it contains noopept (similar to but much more powerful than piracetam) along with a whole lot of time proven natural compunds.

Examples of natural compounds you could use are ashwagandha,  grape seed, fish oil(EPA DHA), bacopa monnieri,  and many more are available. quite often you find these supplements combined together in a Stack to further enhance their synergy and effects.

do these actually work? And how?

well for one thing Nootropics will not instantly give you a higher IQ or something silly like that. But they enhance your cognition by improving the signalling and production of  neurotransmitters. You'll be able to find out more details reading some nootropics reviews

fundamentally your brain is made up of billions of connected neurons. Neurons "talk to each other" and work through neurotransmitters. When they can send and receive signals more efficiently, your concentration and memory, as the theory goes, should be heightened.

Some other ways these can work is by the effect of vasodilation - which means increased blood flow in your brain. Thus more oxygen and nutrients are delivered. (and more energy).

Concentrating on difficult tasks such as work or study requires a lot more mental "horse power" and energy than usual, vasodilation should allow for improvements in this area by multiple mechanisms. Thus supplements that work this way are favored among students.

Another not so commonly mentioned use of these neuro-ehancning supplements is neuro-preservation. These substances may affect the levels off various chemicals that are known to be associated with halting the process of aging, some may even yield an increase in the production of brain derived Neurotrophic factor thus stimulating the growth of new brain cells.